The Finest Selection of Quality Products From Around the World

Pusateri’s offers the finest selection of quality foods and products from around the world. Our fine food stores in Toronto cater to the sophisticated palettes of our customers, who appreciate the freshest and best quality.

We are committed to sourcing only the best of the best. Pusateri’s works closely with suppliers, both locally and from around the world, to make sure each and every item in our stores is the best product we can offer. We are also committed to following every product from farm to fork; ensuring that everything we offer is produced, packaged and delivered in ways that meet the highest standards.

At Pusateri’s, we truly believe in that old expression “the early bird gets the worm”. We are committed to being the first buyers at the Ontario Food Terminal every day, so we can make sure to buy the best produce for our stores.

We invest the time to better understand food. We recognize what sets one piece of produce or block of cheese apart. It’s our commitment to our customers, inspired from within, and proudly passed on from generation to generation.

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