Pusateri’s: A Tradition of Unprecedented Quality and Freshness

In 1957, Salvatore Pusateri immigrated to Canada from Sicily in search of a better life for his family. Six years later, Salvatore opened a small fruit and vegetable shop on St. Clair West. Having worked on his family’s citrus orchards and olive groves in Sicily, Salvatore had a deep appreciation, and keen eye for high quality produce.

That appreciation of quality and attention to detail was Salvatore’s legacy, passed on to his son, Cosimo Pusateri, who took over the family business in 1986.

Cosimo’s vision was to grow the family business into a gourmet food emporium. In 1986, Pusateri’s opened its iconic Avenue Road location and revolutionized the fine foods industry in Toronto.

In 1995, Cosimo lost a battle with cancer, but his passion for offering quality products and exceptional service under one roof lives on.

A Growing Business

In the years that have followed, Pusateri’s has solidified its reputation as the industry-leader in fine foods in Toronto, a success story that stems from the belief that quality and excellence in products and service always comes first.

Ever the trend-setter, Pusateri’s travels the world exploring new and distinct culinary experiences to share with customers in Toronto. It is our unmatched passion for food, and our commitment to quality that inspires the diverse and exceptional selection of products found on the shelves of our stores.

We recently opened locations on Toronto’s Yorkville Ave., and in Bayview Village, expanding our ability to cater to sophisticated palettes with the finest foods found anywhere.

Today, Pusateri’s provides customers, at each of our locations, with a singular shopping experience, an unrivalled selection of the freshest products, and an inspired culinary experience with the finest prepared dishes in the city.

Setting the Standard

Simply put, Pusateri’s revolutionized the fine food industry in Toronto. We set the bar for culinary excellence in Canada. Pusateri’s was the first to introduce in-store sushi bars, and olive oil bars with a selection that spans the globe. We were also the first to offer healthy, delicious, prepared meals for families with busy schedules.

Recently, Pusateri’s has set its sights on leading the industry in quality assurance. That is why we have launched Pusateri’s Gold Standard, the first of its kind in the world of fine food retail.

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Pusateri’s: A Family Tradition

Pusateri’s: History of Excellence

Pusateri’s Gold Standard

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