LCKX Chocolatier

LCKX Chocolatier was founded in the 1970s, when LCKX started producing their exclusive hand-made pralines alongside an assortment of other haute chocolate products. Over time, these confections became such a success that, in 1982, a small studio was opened in Kapellen, Belgium where traditional chocolate-making methods were employed.

The company continued to grow and eventually constructed a completely new chocolate factory in Essen, Belgium where their trademark treats could be produced with the utmost care and dedication to quality and detail.In the LCKX studio, a team of highly motivated specialists are responsible for the continual updating of the wide selection of hand-made pralines and other (seasonal) chocolate assortments.Quality, creativity, and innovation are the core values in developing original and expert recipes for success. With the implementation of cutting-edge techniques, LCKX never loses sight of the traditions of chocolate making, ensuring each item produced is of the highest quality worthy of the LCKX brand.